Adding Bulk Notes

From the main livestock page you can add bulk notes to a group of animals. This is particularly helpful when you are vaccinating or dehorning a group of animals and you want to record this note on each animal. The bulk note feature allows you to select a group of animals, and then enter a note that is recorded on all of the selected animals.

To use this feature, simply click on the “Bulk Note Entry” link at the top of the livestock list. This will show a checkbox to the left of each animal as well as a checkbox at the top of the livestock list. Use the checkbox at the top of the list to select all animals on that page or simply select the checkbox next to each animal you want to record your note.

After selecting your target animals, click on the “Add Note” button (This will appear automatically once you’ve selected at least one animal.). You will now be presented with a dialog where you can provide the following note detail to be recorded.

  • Your Note
  • A comma separated list of keywords (For example: Vaccinations, Banding, Dehorning)
  • The date to record the note (Defaults to today)
  • A category for the note (Breeding, General, Grooming, Injury, Medication, Supplement, Veterinarian, Other)

Click “Save Note” and your note will be logged on all selected animals.

Note: Once you’ve created your bulk note you will need to edit each individual animal if you want to change the note.