Master Plant List

The master plant list is your global list of plants across all of your fields and all years of production. This allows for easy re-use and management of crop specific information without needing to repeat or re-enter that information season to season.

You can create new plants by clicking on the “New Plant” button.

Finding Plants

You can easily search for any of your plants using the search bar located on the top right of the list. The search bar will search for plants based on their Type or Variety. Simply type in your search criteria and hit enter to search.

Grid of Plants

You will see all of your plants listed in a grid on the Master Plant List page. Each plant shows an icon (if available), the plant type, the variety, planting method, and actions.

You can sort the items in the grid by clicking on any of the column headers. An arrow next to the column header indicates that column is being sorted and in what direction the data is ordered.

Click on the type of the plant to view or edit it. This will take you to the plant details screen.

Click on the Red “X” in the right actions column to delete the plant from Farmbrite. This will remove the plant from all fields the plant is used in. 

Note Deleted records cannot be recovered.

If you have a lot of plants, you may need to page through the list to find the one your looking for. Use the paging buttons at the bottom right of the gird to move between pages of plants.