When creating or editing equipment you can capture a variety of information about each item. Including the following information:

  • Name: The name or label for this piece of equipment
  • Type: Tractor, harvester, tiller, truck, wagon, cultivator, greenhouses, etc
  • Brand/Model
  • Serial Number
  • Engine/Transmission
  • Track Usage (Miles/Hours): Whether you want to track the usage of this equipment by hours run or miles driven
  • Link to Service Manual: Store a quick reference link to easily access the service manual. You can also click on “Search online manuals” to find a manual for that Make and Model.
  • Primary Contact (Mechanic or Service center) (You’ll need to have created one or more contact records to link to)
  • Purchase Date
  • Price
  • Mileage / Hours
  • Plate Number
  • Description