Importing Transactions

If you are migrating to Farmbrite from another farm management system or from Excel or Google docs and want an easy way to add your existing transactions to Farmbrite, you should consider our import feature. By simply mapping your data from another system to a format we’ve specified you can easily create your basic records. To access the import feature, select the arrow on the right side of the “Record Transaction” button and choose the Import Transactions option. A dialog will guide you through importing your equipment.

Note: Currently only top level information about your equipment can be imported (see below).

  • category
  • vendor
  • amount (see note below)
  • description
  • date

When importing, negative amounts will be recorded as expenses and positive amounts as income. Farmbrite expects amounts to be whole numbers or decimals like 1234.56, however we also support “1,234.56” formats (just make sure to wrap anything with a comma inside of quotes).